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Is your Laptop slow? Or not starting at all? Any issues, we will provide you the quick repair to keep your laptop up and running like new one.
Got a new computer? We will help you set it up with all your programs and settings. Also, will transfer all your data from your old computer to the new one…
Unwanted ads pop-ups? Slow computer? Or virus warnings? We will clean all viruses without you losing a single file and a complimentary anti-virus program for future protection.
Lines on the screen? Crashed laptop screen? Or a dead display? We replace it all. A wide range of laptops screens is available with us for the quick same day fix for you.
Need an extra hand for IT support, office upgrades or projects? We provide IT support for everything.
Monthly maintenance check on your all computers and network at your office. Consult our IT Team and pay a monthly fee and let us handle all your computer related issues, dealers and innovation support.
We deliver excellent MacBook repair service for Broken MacBook screens, Slow PCs, laggy Keyboard and track pads and much more!
Spilled some coffee on your Mac? Or water? Keep your computer off and we will fix it for you at very convenient rates and quick!
We will gladly replace your Macbook screen and get you back up and running. Throughout the process, your settings and data will remain untouched.
If your iMac is running slowly, we can quickly fix it with an iMac memory and SSD upgrade.
High-quality, guaranteed HDD and SSD upgrades for all Apple laptops, including MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs.
Is your MacBook battery no longer holding a charge? Our Dubai MacBook repair shop will quickly replace your MacBook battery.
Clicking hard drive, no-power dead hard drive or all dead computers, we recover it all! Get a free diagnostic and get your data recovered quickly! No Data, No Charge!
Looking for a data recovery expert? We use a clean room and professional tools to recover data.
RAID Recovery is the most difficult and complex data recovery procedure. Schedule a consultation with our RAID data recovery expert.
Macs are reliable but can still fail. You can rely on us for MacBook and iMac data recovery.
Data loss is a major issue for businesses because it can cause serious problems. Permanent loss of valuable data can cause major business damage.Contact us today for successful NAS data recovery.

External Hard Drive Recovery

Bring us your failed Western Digital hard drive. We recover data from all types of storage media, including HDDs, SSDs, RAID, and external hard drives.

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