Author - Murtaza J.

Common Outlook Issues and their solution

MS outlook is generally used for exchanging the corporate emails and calendaring purpose among others. And MS outlook is coming with great useful features, but sometimes, MS outlook encounters some issue or giving some errors in the functioning due to which sending and receiving emails stops working. Most of the companies have their IT engineers to troubleshoot outlook errors, but there are many common errors which MS outlook gives normally and you can solve it by doing some troubleshooting […]

How to Test Apple Hardware Parts Online?

Do you know you can test your Mac hardware parts online; in this blog, we will discuss how can you test your Mac Hardware parts with the help of the internet. To do this process follow this steps.

Shutdown your Mac.
Connect your Mac with charger. Do not run this test without a charger.
To start this test,
Power on the system and at the same time press option and D key.
Continue press both the keys until you see the starting internet recovery […]

Common Issues of MacBook Pro while we Shut down

It is very easy to shut down the MacBook Pro, But the problem comes when you try to shut down but your MacBook Pro is not responding to shut down. Normally, to shut down MacBook Pro go to the apple logo on the top left screen and click shut down. Then you will show the alert box in which message is returned that device will shut down in one minute. If you want to skip you can and shut […]

Professional Data Recovery Services

What is the first step when you lost your data?
Whenever any person lost is data from a hard drive or any other media storage, if its data are important then first questions come in his mind that how he will get it back, he/she might be worried about it. Most of the time customers panic and search on google and try to recover data by itself. And the second questions come that if he would give to any data […]

Why Blue screen appears? And How to Resolve it?

A blue screen error is a common error in the computer/laptop. And blue screen error is also known as blue screen of death. And when this problem occurs on your computer/laptop it would be frustrating experience ever. The error message on the blue screen never shows what the exact problem is. Blue screen appears when the Microsoft Windows comes across a serious error form which it can’t recover. Normally, blue screen errors appear because of faulty hardware, software or […]

Common Reasons for which Hard Drive Fails Externally or Internally

In this blog, we will discuss how does the hard drive can damage or corrupt internally or externally. There are some reasons by which your hard drive can damage to prevent your hard drive by this types of disaster you should follow the below-given steps.

If your desktop or laptop is heating or the fans are not working properly or when you start your device and after some time the device is started heating, or if your system making clicking […]

Steps to Diagnose Computer Problems

Steps to Diagnose Why Computer Won’t Boot
You regularly use the computer and suddenly one day when you start your computer and it won’t boot. You can resolve this issue by performing some troubleshooting. Currently, versions of Windows are superior to resolve this type of issue, while in Windows XP when this type of problems came it stops working completely, updated versions of Windows try to solve startup repair automatically.

Think what did you do last time when you are using […]

Tips to Clean Laptop Parts from Dirt and Dust

If you want your laptop to run in a tip-top condition, you should service the laptop by cleaning it from dust and dirt. Normally, Laptop service is necessary after every six months.Because these simple steps help a lot to the laptop to work properly in good condition.
Which Laptop parts can you clean?
There are some parts of the laptop which you should clean to maintain your laptop health.

Keyboard and Touch-pad
Cooling fans

If you can open laptop comfortably, then you should open […]

Helpful Tips to Maintain your Apple Laptops

Apple Laptops are known to be a problem-free, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the maintenance which is necessary. To keep your apple laptop healthy and fast you should maintain, in this blog, we will discuss some helpful tips to maintain your Apple laptop trouble-free and healthy.
Always Clean your Desktop
Do you know, if you having a lot of files on the desktop or if there is some file which is big in size will slow down your Apple […]

How to Recover Data From Mac?

As we all know that how important the data is stored in our computer whether its photo, music, file or any business related document. Do you know? All of the data is stored very typically in the Hard disk drive. Many users don’t know how delicate their data is until it’s too late. Even a petty incident like a power outage or hard disk failure can wipe your complete data in seconds. Every single data which is very important […]