About Us

Since 2009, our philosophy of taking care of customers first, then computers has resulted in thousands of satisfied corporate and residential clients in Dubai. We treat each customer’s computer issue or project as if it were our own, leading to efficient results and a reasonable bottom line.

As the originators of the free computer drop-off diagnostic service, we believe each customer should know exactly what the computer repair and cost is before approving the work. This kind of customer empowerment translates into the highest customer service you will find.

Our onsite tech support team is comprised of a wealth of talent and experience. The majority of our IT team has been with us since the inception, providing professional, dedicated IT support. Upon receiving your technical inquiry, we’ll assign a tech expert of at least 15 years of experience who is specialized within the scope of your issue. Then, we’ll visit your office or home during the same day, typically within a couple of hours, to resolve your IT request.

“If you are looking for reasonably priced HONEST computer service, I can’t recommend this place enough. I’ve done business with the folks at IT-Tech4All on and off for a couple of years and I have found them to be FAST and honest. In my case they treated me professionally every step of the way. I would do business with them again any time! ”
– Tom W.

“absolutely awesome service. From the moment I called on the phone I Knew that this was the place, I had searched for days and even been to a few places in the city that horrified me. They were polite, they charged me for exactly how much the part cost, and a small fee for labor. I saved $600 from the $900 tech serve and apple quoted me, and you know they are cool when they fix other little bits that weren’t critical but in disrepair based on a rare professional work ethic, we seldom see these days.”
– Ha K.

“We needed immediate help for our server that went down…this company, IT-Tech4All, responded quickly; fixed the problem within an hour. Our computer was up and running again so we could go back to our business. Very professional, knowledgeable about computer problems, reasonable service fees! “
– Dr. Ellen Ferranti

“I read all the reviews before going to this IT-Tech4All place and the hype is all true. The computer technician who helped me was extremely polite, professional, and very accommodating. He removed the computer virus, showed me how the antivirus software works, and how to handle Windows updates and my computer backup. Very satisfied.”
– Alex

“I called around places in Dubai and as far as Abu Dhabi for lab recovery. My external hard drive did not power on at all. Let me tell you that these places literally wanted thousands of dirhams. IT-Tech4All quoted just a fraction for that and recovered everything 100%. Just an upfront, reasonable, and professional place here. I’ll be back in heartbeat if needed.”
– MikeAnd

“My desktop got hacked and screwed up badly, so I took it into the shop for an operating system rebuild, and reload of data. Service was fast, first-rate, and reasonably priced. I’ve since referred friends to this shop, and they have similarly had good experiences. I keep the name of this shop handy in case any other computer problems arise. ”
– Fred Pajerski