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Hard Drive Data Recovery Dubai

All done onsite at our Dubai data recovery location. What separates our data recovery service in Dubai from the rest? Free diagnostics, affordability, flat fees, high success rates and the best data recovery service engineers in Dubai.

Don’t panic if your computer has crashed. Our experience and professional data recovery service will provide you with the best chance of recovery. Your files will be recovered to an external hard drive or different media. We can also fix your computer and restore the files back to it afterward. Your recovery job will be priced based on its severity, providing you with the best, cost-effective, data recovery service in Dubai.

How do we differ than the typical data recovery Dubai company?

We do it all in-house.

This is a big advantage. Many Dubai data recovery places may have a Data Recovery Website in Dubai, but, in fact, send their jobs to other data recovery companies which increases the cost of data recovery with big commissions. At ITTech4All Each and every data recovery job is done right on our premises in Dubai. We take a lot of pride in our years of data recovery training and experience so we may have a chip on our shoulders if you ask us about this.

Know how much your job is upfront.

Don’t pay a dime to get a diagnostic. You’ll get a free diagnostic to learn how much your data recovery will cost. Plus, you’ll be ensured a flat fee price, not some sliding scale range.

Yes, we perform lab recoveries.

We do it all, small software data recovery jobs, and our data recovery Dubai experts are also masters of recovering files from the infamous clicking hard drive. We are specialists at opening up external hard drives and computer hard drives to replace failing parts to recover files.

Server crashed?

We got that covered too. Whether you have a NAS drive, RAID server, Drobo, or other server drive system, we are server recovery experts at resolving mechanical drive issues, re-running the RAID array, and recovering files. We’re up for the challenge and typically successful in such cases.

No data, no charge.

Simple enough and we stand by this motto. We are results-oriented as your success is our success.

We have the best success rate in the industry.

The last we checked, we are at 92% as our success rate. That’s pretty freakin’ good! We have many customers coming to us to recover their computer files after other companies have failed. If we cannot recover it, you can be sure we have tried everything in our power to recover it. We are confident that if we cannot recover your files, nobody else can.

Most affordable prices, hands down.

We price every recovery job by the level of complexity. Since we have been performing data recoveries since 2002, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep prices as low as possible for you. Many data recovery service companies will charge Dhs1,000 and up as a minimum. Not us. Many jobs are as low as DHs150 and up.

What’s the process? How can you get your files recovered ASAP?

Get your stuff to us.

Bring your computer, hard drive, external hard drive, or other media to our Dubai data recovery service center. Or you may schedule a device pick-up. We are open 7 days a week to accommodate your data recovery needs and understandable freak-out.

See how much it will cost.

Receive a free diagnostic, providing an affordable flat fee cost and expected turn-around time. No hidden costs. Just upfront reasonable pricing based on your job severity. Not happy with the cost. No problem, we are happy to provide a free diagnostic with no obligations.

Recover your files.

Jump for joy after getting your recovered files on an external hard drive, computer, or another media of choice. If in the rare case we cannot recover your files, you do not pay anything. We’re on the same team as our data recovery service is structured.

Best Data Recovery Price Dubai

Data Recovery Service Recovery Cost Recovery Time
Logical Recovery Dhs150 – Dhs250 4 - 8 Hours
PCB Damage Dhs250 1 Day
Bad Sector Dhs550 – Dhs850 1 - 2 Day(s)
Head Stiction Dhs750 – Dhs1250 1 - 3 Day(s)
Head Damage Dhs1250 3 Days
Motor Damage Dhs1250 3 Days
SSD Logical Recovery Dhs450 1 Day
SSD Firmware Recovery Dhs850 2 Days
SSD Chipoff Recovery Dhs1400 5 Days

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  • Honest & Quick Service

  • 1000+ Satisfied Customers & Counting

  • 10+ Years Experienced Engineer

  • ISO Class 4 Clean Room

  • Huge Donor Drive Inventory

  • Same Day Free Pickup and Delivery

  • No Recovery, No Charge

  • Fast Turnaround Time

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iMac 27.5 inch - hard drive replacement.

Fantastic service from Murtaza and his team.

Lots of other repair shops in Bur Dubai make it seem like conducting any repairs to your iMac seem like a MAJOR REPAIR task so they can bill you accordingly. Many say they can do it, but in truth lack the technical skill to do so. Murtaza says, give me 3 hours, and it will be done. And his pricing is not exorbitant as others given the work he is doing.

Done properly, with no hiccups whatsoever. Thoroughly satisfied.

The guy to go to if you need your RAM, Hard drive replaced. He surprisingly very much knows what he is doing!

Sanjay Keshup Avatar
Sanjay Keshup

Great company. Professional advice, good prices and excellent service. This was my first time using ITTech4All and I will use them again. Murtaza who arranged everything was super helpful.

Barry clark ewers Avatar
Barry clark ewers

I highly recommend ITtech4All. The price was more than fair and the apple battery was genuine and brand new (verified though system report - power - cycles count.) They were very courteous and helped me install the battery. Call them first for all your laptop repairs and needs. Thank you Mortada for your excellent service.

Firas Abras Avatar
Firas Abras

👍 Great service! Fast and reasonable price. These guys upgrade our 6 iMacs into SSD disks. I recommend them if you computer issues.

Andrew O. Avatar
Andrew O.

Really speedy service & Reasonable service charges.

Vivek Anand Avatar
Vivek Anand

Guardian were excellent, I was updated daily on the work and status until the work was completed. They were very quick in diagnosing and fixing my problem with my hard drive, after other company said it could not be fixed.
Price was extremely fair and reasonable too. Thanks again. ⭐️

Yoga Niza Avatar
Yoga Niza

I had a broken laptop.ask them for advise.They were very profwssional.had my data recovered and the charge was very nominal.
Thank you all


Good iMac SSD upgrade!

Fouad Abboud Avatar
Fouad Abboud

I was facing a problem with my Email server. even Du cannot help me. Then I find this company from google and i call them and they solve my problem in an hour. Very friendly and fast service.

Murtaza Jadli Avatar
Murtaza Jadli

May 2022

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When is it required to upgrade a Hard drive?

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ITTech4All provides reliable data recovery services in Bur Dubai. Our experienced technicians specialize in laptop data recovery services and are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to recover all types of data. We understand the value of your data and the devastating effects of data loss. That’s why we employ a thorough and careful recovery process to ensure that we recover all the data that can be salvaged.

Our data recovery services cover a range of issues including accidental deletion, formatting errors, physical damage, and more. We use state-of-the-art technology to recover data from damaged drives and have a high success rate in recovering valuable data. Our technicians work diligently to recover your data quickly and efficiently, minimizing any potential downtime.

At ITTech4All, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable services at affordable prices. We understand that data recovery can be a stressful and time-sensitive process, which is why we offer same-day service and provide regular updates on the recovery process. Our team is dedicated to helping you recover your important data and ensuring that it is secure and accessible.

If you’re experiencing data loss, don’t panic. Contact ITTech4All for fast, reliable data recovery services in Bur Dubai. We’ll work tirelessly to recover your valuable data and get you back on track.

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