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MacBook Screen replacement Dubai

Oh no! You cracked your MacBook screen. And you need help in Dubai. ITTech4all have highly skilled technicians for MacBook repair Dubai. Just like iPhones, MacBook screens are made of glass and can easily break. Our Mac screen replacement technicians are happy to replace your screen to get you up and running again. Your data and settings will remain intact throughout the process.

Common MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / iMac screen replacements we take care of:

  • Cracked glass
  • Damaged LCD
  • Cracked retina screen
  • Dead pixels on screen
  • Black screen
  • Lines on screen

Mac models supported: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini

MacBook Screen Repair Costs:

MacBook Screen Replacement : AED 150 + Screen Cost
A1278 Late 2008 13" AED 740
A1534 2015 - Mid 2017 12" AED 1630
Macbook Pro Screen replacement: AED 150 + Screen Cost
A1278 Mid-2009 - Mid-2012 13" AED 740
A1286 2008 - Mid-2012 15" AED 840
A1297 2009 - 2011 17" AED 840
A1398 Mid-2012 - Mid-2015 Retina 15" AED 1710
A1425 Late-2012 - Early-2013 Retina 13" AED 950
A1502 Late-2013 - Early-2015 Retina 13" AED 1750
A1706 Late-2016 - Mid-2017 Touch Bar 13" AED 1050
A1707 Late-2016 - Mid-2017 Touch Bar 15" AED 1960
A1708 Late-2016 - Mid-2017 13" AED 980
A1989 Mid-2018 2019 Touch Bar 13" AED 1050
A1990 Mid-2018 2019 Touch Bar 15" AED 2050
A2159 2019 13" (Touch Bar, 2 TB 3) AED 1070
A2141 2019 16" AED 2160
A2289 2020 13" (2 TB 3) AED 1020
A2251 2020 13" (4 TB 3) AED 1050
A2338 2020 - 2022, M1/M2, 13" AED 950
A2442 2021, M1 Pro/Max, 14" AED 1980
A2485 2021, M1 Pro/Max, 16" AED 2060
A2779 2023, M2 Pro/Max, 14" AED 1980
A2780 2023, M2 Pro/Max, 16" AED 2060
A2918 Late 2023, M3, 14" AED 1980
A2991 Late 2023, M3 Pro/Max, 16" AED 2060
A2992 Late 2023, M3 Pro/Max, 14" AED 1980
MacBook Air Screen replacement: AED 150 + Screen Price
A1369 Late-2010 - Mid-2011 13" AED 950
A1370 Late-2010 - Mid-2011 11" AED 640
A1465 Mid-2012 - Early-2015 11" AED 640
A1466 Mid-2012 - 2017 13" AED 950
A1932 Late-2018 - 2019 13" AED 1050
A2179 2020 13" AED 1060
A2337 M1, 2020 13" AED 860
A2681 M2, 2022 13" AED 1050
A2941 M2, 2023, 15" AED 2030
A3113 M3, 2024, 13" AED 1050
A3114 M3, 2024, 15" AED 2630
Front Glass Only Dhs275 – Dhs450
iMac LCD Screen Dhs550 +

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If you are in Dubai and need to fix your MacBook, ITTech4all is here to help. We offer a range of MacBook repair services, including screen replacement, which is a common issue that MacBook users face. If you’ve cracked your MacBook screen, their highly skilled technicians can replace it for you, and they support a range of models including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini.

In addition to screen replacement, We also offer Apple MacBook repair services for other issues that you may encounter with your device. We have experience repairing damaged LCDs, cracked retina screens, dead pixels, black screens, and lines on screens. Whether you’re facing one of these issues or something else, Our technicians are equipped to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you’re specifically looking for MacBook Pro 2017 display price or Apple MacBook battery replacement services, ITTech4all can assist you with that as well. We offer competitive pricing for replacement services and can help you get your MacBook back in working order quickly.

When it comes to Apple MacBook repair, it’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy provider. ITTech4all has a team of experts who are well-versed in repairing Apple devices, and use only high-quality parts to ensure that your MacBook is restored to its full functionality. Whether you need a screen replacement, battery replacement, or some other type of repair, ITTech4all can help.

Good iMac SSD upgrade!

Fouad Abboud Avatar
Fouad Abboud

I was facing a problem with my Email server. even Du cannot help me. Then I find this company from google and i call them and they solve my problem in an hour. Very friendly and fast service.

Murtaza Jadli Avatar
Murtaza Jadli

Great company. Professional advice, good prices and excellent service. This was my first time using ITTech4All and I will use them again. Murtaza who arranged everything was super helpful.

Barry clark ewers Avatar
Barry clark ewers

Guardian were excellent, I was updated daily on the work and status until the work was completed. They were very quick in diagnosing and fixing my problem with my hard drive, after other company said it could not be fixed.
Price was extremely fair and reasonable too. Thanks again. ⭐️

Yoga Niza Avatar
Yoga Niza

👍 Great service! Fast and reasonable price. These guys upgrade our 6 iMacs into SSD disks. I recommend them if you computer issues.

Andrew O. Avatar
Andrew O.

Really speedy service & Reasonable service charges.

Vivek Anand Avatar
Vivek Anand

I had a broken laptop.ask them for advise.They were very profwssional.had my data recovered and the charge was very nominal.
Thank you all


iMac 27.5 inch - hard drive replacement.

Fantastic service from Murtaza and his team.

Lots of other repair shops in Bur Dubai make it seem like conducting any repairs to your iMac seem like a MAJOR REPAIR task so they can bill you accordingly. Many say they can do it, but in truth lack the technical skill to do so. Murtaza says, give me 3 hours, and it will be done. And his pricing is not exorbitant as others given the work he is doing.

Done properly, with no hiccups whatsoever. Thoroughly satisfied.

The guy to go to if you need your RAM, Hard drive replaced. He surprisingly very much knows what he is doing!

Sanjay Keshup Avatar
Sanjay Keshup

I highly recommend ITtech4All. The price was more than fair and the apple battery was genuine and brand new (verified though system report - power - cycles count.) They were very courteous and helped me install the battery. Call them first for all your laptop repairs and needs. Thank you Mortada for your excellent service.

Firas Abras Avatar
Firas Abras

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