Computer Repair

When is it required to upgrade a Hard drive?

As we all know in the earlier time the mechanical hard disk drive was the first and only option to store data on the computer. And at that time the mechanical hard disk drive also had limited capacity to store the data. But Nowadays Solid State Drive (SSD) is becoming more and more popular because of its much sufficient speed, which makes it more reliable. So, many users want to upgrade old Hard disk drive to the Solid state […]

Myths About Computers That’s Never Going to Die!

Computers are so common that Myths and urban legends have become a part of it by time. Some myths had gained so much accuracy, but there is no truth out there.

There are myths that work on simple logic. While other myths are based on people who try to make money from it. Windows only have pointless windows optimizing myths. Of course, you don’t require disabling some services or delete your page file. (more…)

Computer crashed? How to diagnose a crashed PC

Did your computer suddenly crash? Is it giving you a BSOD-Blue Screen of Death?
If yes, then here are the few steps to determine the exact reason of the crash. This steps will help you confirm the reason of sudden failure in order to initiate a proper repair. The tools mentioned here will help you pinpoint the exact failing hardware or software issues. (more…)

When Should You Require to Format the Computer?

Nowadays many users think that formatting a hard drive will solve their issues on the computer. But formatting a hard drive will erase their data. Most users are confused about whether to format or not. To be true, Formatting is not always required.

Whenever users format their hard drive the hard drive will roll back to the factory defaults. It will delete all data from the computer. all software, program will be deleted and system file will be recreated. Hence, […]

Why Blue screen appears? And How to Resolve it?

A blue screen error is a common error in the computer/laptop. And blue screen error is also known as blue screen of death. And when this problem occurs on your computer/laptop it would be frustrating experience ever. The error message on the blue screen never shows what the exact problem is. Blue screen appears when the Microsoft Windows comes across a serious error form which it can’t recover. Normally, blue screen errors appear because of faulty hardware, software or […]

BIOS or UEFI? Know The Difference!

Previously computers had BIOS. BIOS is a program that starts when you boot up your computer. Computer nowadays comes with upgraded more advanced UEFI programs which are faster and has more features such as higher hard drive support, fast boot process, and better graphics support. Some of the new PCs ships with UEFI but stills mentions BIOS to reduce the confusion for regular users. Almost all new computers nowadays come with UEFI. (more…)

NTFS-FAT32-ExFAT- What to choose? Know the Diffrance

Whenever you format your internal, external or a USB removable drive windows will give you three options: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT. Here we will explain to you what those options mean.
What is a File system?
A file system shows the way of establishing a drive. It manages the types of data storage and type of data that belongs to the files as in file names, attributes, and permissions. Windows OS supports three type of file systems. (more…)

Some Useful Tips to Keep your Computer Smooth and Healthy

As we all know whenever our PC doesn’t work properly the way it worked before. It’s very annoying when this happens. What you have to do is sit down and relax, play games, check your email or twitter without becoming worried by an unhelpful PC.

Whenever you buy a car or some other vehicle. It wants regular basic maintenance to keep it going properly. As like the car, your PC also require regular basic maintenance to help keep it work […]

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