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Data Recovery Myths, What not to do in a DIY Recovery

Do you try fixing the faulty electronics by yourself before taking it to the service center? Have you ever lost data and tried recovering it by yourself? If you have lost your data from a hard drive or USB drive these are the few Data recovery myths! That doesn’t work! So here is the list of what not to do when you are trying to recover the data by yourself. (more…)

What is RAID Data recovery?

What is RAID Recovery?
Have you ever heard about Data recovery, or have you heard someone saying RAID Recovery. If you have or haven’t, RAID Recovery is the most difficult and complex recovery process for Data Recovery specialists. RAID recovery is tough because of its complex configuration. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) plays a major role in today’s technological world where we need to store a large amount of data with safety and redundancy. (more…)

What to do when your Data gets corrupted!!

Ever happened that one day you open your photos folder and photos appear like the above picture or it just doesn’t open with the error of media corrupted?

If yes then you are not alone! Data corruption is very common more than you think. From the beginning of the computer era, users have faced files and data corruption. In normal words, data corruption stands for altering of files data from its original condition. (more…)

Tool Designed to Recovery Data from MacBook Pro 2016’s soldered-on SSD

The 2016 MacBook Pro is even harder to repair than its predecessor. An iFixIt teardown revealed that the SSD is soldered onto the laptop’s logic board, along with the RAM and the CPU. Even the battery is glued on.

If the SSD on the 2016 MacBook Pro, or the MacBook Pro itself, runs into trouble, Apple’s tool provides a data lifeline. Apple’s new customer data migration tool is specifically designed for the new 2016 (more…)

Save Time and Money: Backup your data.

Nowadays data backup is more important because you don’t know when your Hard drive will corrupt or damage. And if once your data will be lost it would be very costly to recover and maybe you don’t get your complete data after recovery. Till now people used think that it won’t happen to them. nowadays users stores financial data, Personal data like marriage photographs etc. it’s unsafe to live without backups. (more…)

Data Recovery – Prevents the Loss of Data

While it’s important to know the best tactics for data recovery, preventing the loss of data in the first place is vital. Consumers should engage in some best practices to ensure their data is protected. A first step is to simply handle storage devices carefully. For example, consumers can protect hard drives by handling them carefully, using high-quality surge protection, and managing temperatures and air flow to the computer or external HDD doesn’t overheat. (more…)

Most Common Reasons for Solid State Drive Failures

As compared to Hard Drive, Solid State Drive (SSD) is safe from mechanical issues. But it still can fail. Now we will discuss most common factors causing Solid State Drive failure.

The main difference between HDD and SSD is that SSD has no moving parts, which are vulnerable. So SSD is safe from mechanical issues and is very much faster than the normal hard disk drive. But it does not mean that the Solid state drive is flawless. It still […]

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