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What is the first step when you lost your data?
Whenever any person lost is data from a hard drive or any other media storage, if its data are important then first questions come in his mind that how he will get it back, he/she might be worried about it. Most of the time customers panic and search on google and try to recover data by itself. And the second questions come that if he would give to any data […]

Common Reasons for which Hard Drive Fails Externally or Internally

In this blog, we will discuss how does the hard drive can damage or corrupt internally or externally. There are some reasons by which your hard drive can damage to prevent your hard drive by this types of disaster you should follow the below-given steps.

If your desktop or laptop is heating or the fans are not working properly or when you start your device and after some time the device is started heating, or if your system making clicking […]

How to Recover Data From Mac?

As we all know that how important the data is stored in our computer whether its photo, music, file or any business related document. Do you know? All of the data is stored very typically in the Hard disk drive. Many users don’t know how delicate their data is until it’s too late. Even a petty incident like a power outage or hard disk failure can wipe your complete data in seconds. Every single data which is very important […]

Doing Disk Defragmentation can put data into risk?

As we know running disk defragmentation can improve our PC performance. But most people assume that performing disk defragmentation can put data at risk. In this blog will discuss this topic in detail.

To decrease the amount of fragmentation we use the method of disk defragmentation. In detail, disk defragmentation is the re-adjustment of data on the drive. Which can make the drive data stored closely and in order.

Yet, many people complain that some of their files and documents vanish […]

Misunderstanding about Solid State Drives.

Presently in the market, there are many types of the storage device like solid state drive (SSD), hard disk drive (HDD), etc. But most people are more familiar with hard disk drive. Because an SSD is a drive which is made up of electronics, without any moving parts and also SSD is using flash memory chip, which is more compressed, therefore SSD is much lighter in weight. Even though solid state drive has so many advantages, many people still […]

Most Common Reasons for Solid State Drive Failures

As compared to Hard Drive, Solid State Drive (SSD) is safe from mechanical issues. But it still can fail. Now we will discuss most common factors causing Solid State Drive failure.

The main difference between HDD and SSD is that SSD has no moving parts, which are vulnerable. So SSD is safe from mechanical issues and is very much faster than the normal hard disk drive. But it does not mean that the Solid state drive is flawless. It still […]

Save Time and Money: Backup your data.

Nowadays data backup is more important because you don’t know when your Hard drive will corrupt or damage. And if once your data will be lost it would be very costly to recover and may be you don’t get your complete data after recovery. Till now people used think that it won’t happen to them. nowadays users stores financial data, Personal data like marriage photographs etc. it’s unsafe to live without backups.

There are many ways to keep data safe […]

Will Solid State Drive(SSD) Totally replace the Hard disk in coming Future?



Before whenever it came to store a data, the Hard disk was the only option But in the last few years, SSD is more useful and more chosen by the users.

SSD is very much faster than the HDD because SSD does not have any moving parts so it can be safe from mechanical issues. That why nowadays users prefer SSD storage when choosing a data Storage device. Because of this, many users started to think that in near future […]

How to Recover and Protect your SSD


Since last few years, Solid State Drives are constantly becoming more and more common in home and business PCs.
Difference between hard disk and SSD
SSD uses NAND flash, whereas HDD uses aluminum platters covered with a thin magnetic mixture or glass. In the comparison of SSD HDD uses more battery power. SDD copy files at the transfer rate of 200 MB/s to up to 550 MB/while HDD copy files at 50 MB/s to up to 120 MB/s
Recovering files from SSD
There […]

SAN V/s NAS Storage devices, Know the Difference


If you want to protect your data, you can protect with both SAN and NAS storage. SAN and NAS storage is very similar to each other, but they both have different roles. A SAN system stands for Storage area network whereas NAS system stands for network attached storage. If you need to protect your data for long-term than any of this must be good options.

SAN and NAS storage similarities
SAN and NAS system storage both are the redundant storage system […]