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Some Helpful Tips to Reduce Laptop Overheating

If you have the latest and best ultra book or any other laptop, a brand doesn’t matter. Overheating is common on all the laptops. It’s common because, in all the laptops, the system brought completely into a singular structure. However, laptops companies creating new techniques for heat controlling and the other cooling-down tetchiness for the upcoming future. Therefore, you might be having this problem. (more…)

Tweaking Intel HD Graphics for Better Gaming Experience.

Intel’s new graphic chips have advanced by time over past few years, but in comparison of NVIDIA and AMD graphic chips, it’s still not enough fast. Here are some tips to tweak your Intel HD Graphic chip for maximum performance. Graphics chips like Intel HD Graphics is not made for high-level gaming, so if you are a hardcore gamer who likes high-end games then it’s really not for you. But still, there are numerous games that can be played […]

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