Mac Repair

How to Test Apple Hardware Parts Online?

Do you know you can test your Mac hardware parts online; in this blog, we will discuss how can you test your Mac Hardware parts with the help of the internet. To do this process follow this steps.

Shutdown your Mac.
Connect your Mac with charger. Do not run this test without a charger.
To start this test,
Power on the system and at the same time press option and D key.
Continue press both the keys until you see the starting internet recovery […]

Common Issues of MacBook Pro while we Shut down

It is very easy to shut down the MacBook Pro, But the problem comes when you try to shut down but your MacBook Pro is not responding to shut down. Normally, to shut down MacBook Pro go to the apple logo on the top left screen and click shut down. Then you will show the alert box in which message is returned that device will shut down in one minute. If you want to skip you can and shut […]

Helpful Tips to Maintain your Apple Laptops

Apple Laptops are known to be a problem-free, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the maintenance which is necessary. To keep your apple laptop healthy and fast you should maintain, in this blog, we will discuss some helpful tips to maintain your Apple laptop trouble-free and healthy.
Always Clean your Desktop
Do you know, if you having a lot of files on the desktop or if there is some file which is big in size will slow down your Apple […]

How to do Mac Startup Repair?

Do you know what to do whenever Mac is giving a flashing question mark or maybe starts but still fails on desktop screen? This is happening because you might have an issue with a startup partition. Generally, in this type of situation, most of the time user use Disk Utility in order to fix the Mac startup repair, But you cannot perform this action if Mac doesn’t start. In this blog, we will discuss how to get out of […]

Macbook not starting properly? How to repair your Apple computer easily

No computers are resistant from a software and hardware failure. A MAC computer can just stop responding to power button sometimes or sometimes MAC OSX software may crash too. In case if your MAC is not responding when you try to turn it on through power button. Or may be its responding but not booting up normally then check the recovery section here.
Ensure It Has Power
Make sure that your MAC is properly plugged to the power source. Try switching […]

Apple’s New Macbook Pro, is it a good buy or a goodbye!

Apple’s latest laptop, the new 13in MacBook Pro, is a much anticipated re-design of the company’s notebook range and represents a brave new USB-C-only future. But is it worth sacrificing ports and spending the best part of £2,000 to use?

We will talk about the new MacBook Pro with USB C and a new design that contains a Touch Bar on most models. Apple started marketing the 2016 MacBook Pro late last year and now sells the updated 2017 MacBook Pro […]

How to Backup your Macbook Pro/Air/iMac

Indeed, even with the best quality devices like Apple’s Macs, it’s imperative to back up your data. No devices are capable of working all the time and there are many chances out there of device breakdown when a backup is essential to have (accidents, upgrading loss, or theft.)

Here are the steps on How to back up your Mac:

‘Two is one and one is none’ is a good verse to help remember the significance of keeping many backups. Including the […]

Tool Designed to Recovery Data from MacBook Pro 2016’s soldered-on SSD

The 2016 MacBook Pro is even harder to repair than its predecessor. An iFixIt teardown revealed that the SSD is soldered onto the laptop’s logic board, along with the RAM and the CPU. Even the battery is glued on.

If the SSD on the 2016 MacBook Pro, or the MacBook Pro itself, runs into trouble, Apple’s tool provides a data lifeline. Apple’s new customer data migration tool is specifically designed for the new 2016 MacBook Pro and includes a logic board holder […]

Basic Troubleshooting Vs Professional Services of Apple Macbook Repairs

Since their introduction in May 6, 2000, MacBook laptops have enjoyed a great reputation in terms of durability, resistance, lower cases of malware attacks and repair applications. With these good features, they are less prone to problems.

In case your Macbook comes under warranty, you can walk to an Apple Repair store, say MacBook pro repair Dubai, and get it fixed, and if not, you can either troubleshoot the problem by yourself or hire for the professional services like the […]