Helpful Tips to Maintain your Apple Laptops

Apple Laptops are known to be a problem-free, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the maintenance which is necessary. To keep your apple laptop healthy and fast you should maintain, in this blog, we will discuss some helpful tips to maintain your Apple laptop trouble-free and healthy.
Always Clean your Desktop
Do you know, if you having a lot of files on the desktop or if there is some file which is big in size will slow down your Apple […]

Macbook not starting properly? How to repair your Apple computer easily

No computers are resistant from a software and hardware failure. A MAC computer can just stop responding to power button sometimes or sometimes MAC OSX software may crash too. In case if your MAC is not responding when you try to turn it on through power button. Or maybe its responding but not booting up normally then check the recovery section here. (more…)

BIOS or UEFI? Know The Difference!

Previously computers had BIOS. BIOS is a program that starts when you boot up your computer. Computer nowadays comes with upgraded more advanced UEFI programs which are faster and has more features such as higher hard drive support, fast boot process, and better graphics support. Some of the new PCs ships with UEFI but stills mentions BIOS to reduce the confusion for regular users. Almost all new computers nowadays come with UEFI. (more…)

RANSOMWARE isn’t over yet!! Are you protected!!

Is your computer’s running on Microsoft Windows?? YES! Then you need to take these steps—right away.

Here’s why:

Hackers exploited a weakness in older Microsoft Windows servers to perform a large-scale global cyber-attack using ransomware — a wicked software that holds your computer hostage for ransom — and a hacking tool stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The gigantic attack left victims locked out of their PCs with an assurance of returned access if $300 was paid in digital currency […]

NTFS-FAT32-ExFAT- What to choose? Know the Diffrance

Whenever you format your internal, external or a USB removable drive windows will give you three options: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT. Here we will explain to you what those options mean.
What is a File system?
A file system shows the way of establishing a drive. It manages the types of data storage and type of data that belongs to the files as in file names, attributes, and permissions. Windows OS supports three type of file systems. (more…)

Some Useful Tips to Keep your Computer Smooth and Healthy

As we all know whenever our PC doesn’t work properly the way it worked before. It’s very annoying when this happens. What you have to do is sit down and relax, play games, check your email or twitter without becoming worried by an unhelpful PC.

Whenever you buy a car or some other vehicle. It wants regular basic maintenance to keep it going properly. As like the car, your PC also require regular basic maintenance to help keep it work […]

How to Recover Data From Mac?

As we all know that how important the data is stored in our computer whether its photo, music, file or any business related document. Do you know? All of the data is stored very typically in the Hard disk drive. Many users don’t know how delicate their data is until it’s too late. Even a petty incident like a power outage or hard disk failure can wipe your complete data in seconds. Every single data which is very important […]

How to do Mac Startup Repair?

Do you know what to do whenever Mac is giving a flashing question mark or maybe starts but still fails on desktop screen? This is happening because you might have an issue with a startup partition. Generally, in this type of situation, most of the time user use Disk Utility in order to fix the Mac startup repair, But you cannot perform this action if Mac doesn’t start. In this blog, we will discuss how to get out of […]

Steps to Diagnose Computer Problems

Steps to Diagnose Why Computer Won’t Boot
You regularly use the computer and suddenly one day when you start your computer and it won’t boot. You can resolve this issue by performing some troubleshooting. Currently, versions of Windows are superior to resolve this type of issue, while in Windows XP when this type of problems came it stops working completely, updated versions of Windows try to solve startup repair automatically. (more…)

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