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Helpful Tips to Maintain your Apple Laptops

Apple Laptops are known to be a problem-free, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the maintenance which is necessary. To keep your apple laptop healthy and fast you should maintain, in this blog, we will discuss some helpful tips to maintain your Apple laptop trouble-free and healthy.
Always Clean your Desktop
Do you know, if you having a lot of files on the desktop or if there is some file which is big in size will slow down your Apple […]

Macbook not starting properly? How to repair your Apple computer easily

No computers are resistant from a software and hardware failure. A MAC computer can just stop responding to power button sometimes or sometimes MAC OSX software may crash too. In case if your MAC is not responding when you try to turn it on through power button. Or maybe its responding but not booting up normally then check the recovery section here. (more…)

How to do Mac Startup Repair?

Do you know what to do whenever Mac is giving a flashing question mark or maybe starts but still fails on desktop screen? This is happening because you might have an issue with a startup partition. Generally, in this type of situation, most of the time user use Disk Utility in order to fix the Mac startup repair, But you cannot perform this action if Mac doesn’t start. In this blog, we will discuss how to get out of […]


How to Replace Apple Watch Battery

To replace Apple IWatch Battery follow step by step guide

Heat up IWatch display from the corners with the heating machine.
Now u need a curved sharp blade as shown in the picture to remove the screen form the watch. Curved blade reduces the chance of scratching the watch or cracking the display.
Note: While removing the display u need to be very careful. Do not put more pressure on the blade, because it will damage your screen.
Now […]

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