What to do when your Data gets corrupted!!

Ever happened that one day you open your photos folder and photos appear like the above picture or it just doesn’t open with the error of media corrupted?

If yes then you are not alone! Data corruption is very common more than you think. From the beginning of the computer era, users have faced files and data corruption. In normal words, data corruption stands for altering of files data from its original condition. (more…)

Slow computer? upgrade your RAM!!

Today many laptops and desktop computers are dumped because of a simple component failure or for being slow or any other simple problem that doesn’t require a new costly investment. Today, we will tell you how to upgrade laptop memory for better performance. (more…)

Tool Designed to Recovery Data from MacBook Pro 2016’s soldered-on SSD

The 2016 MacBook Pro is even harder to repair than its predecessor. An iFixIt teardown revealed that the SSD is soldered onto the laptop’s logic board, along with the RAM and the CPU. Even the battery is glued on.

If the SSD on the 2016 MacBook Pro, or the MacBook Pro itself, runs into trouble, Apple’s tool provides a data lifeline. Apple’s new customer data migration tool is specifically designed for the new 2016 (more…)

Save Time and Money: Backup your data.

Nowadays data backup is more important because you don’t know when your Hard drive will corrupt or damage. And if once your data will be lost it would be very costly to recover and maybe you don’t get your complete data after recovery. Till now people used think that it won’t happen to them. nowadays users stores financial data, Personal data like marriage photographs etc. it’s unsafe to live without backups. (more…)

Common issues that Indicate your PC Suffers from Malware

Let’s be frank, no one wants malware to infect their Pc or laptops. So, it is important to run-through safe computing routine. Now we will discuss how you can protect your Pc or laptop from malware.

Nowadays different types of threats are rising every hour on the internet. Cybercriminals always trying to find holes or weaknesses to exploit. So, always use the updated version of the programs to stay safe from these type of threats. (more…)

Common Issues of MacBook Pro while we Shut down

It is very easy to shut down the MacBook Pro, But the problem comes when you try to shut down but your MacBook Pro is not responding to shut down. Normally, to shut down MacBook Pro go to the apple logo on the top left screen and click shut down. Then you will show the alert box in which message is returned that device will shut down in one minute. If you want to skip you can and shut […]

Myths About Computers That’s Never Going to Die!

Computers are so common that Myths and urban legends have become a part of it by time. Some myths had gained so much accuracy, but there is no truth out there.

There are myths that work on simple logic. While other myths are based on people who try to make money from it. Windows only have pointless windows optimizing myths. Of course, you don’t require disabling some services or delete your page file. (more…)

outlook issues 3

Common Outlook Issues and their solution

MS outlook is generally used for exchanging the corporate emails and calendaring purpose among others. And MS outlook is coming with great useful features, but sometimes, MS outlook encounters some issue or giving some errors in the functioning due to which sending and receiving emails stops working. Most of the companies have their IT engineers to troubleshoot outlook errors, but there are many common errors which MS outlook gives normally and you can solve it by doing some troubleshooting […]

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